Einhell 3414025 Cleaning and maintenance kit



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The cleaning set is a practical robotic lawnmower accessory for cleaning, maintenance and care of the Einhell robotic lawnmowers. In principle, robotic lawnmowers are easy to maintain: They are dutifully aware of the need to travel on the green areas without the need for major maintenance or maintenance work. However, small garden helpers should not be completely out of sight: If stubborn grass residues have accumulated in the mowing area, the robotic lawnmower cannot work properly. The cleaning set from Einhell includes a sanding pad, a spatula and various brushes for removing dirt and a micro-fiber cloth for caring for plastic parts. A screwdriver is included for changing the blade, as well as gloves to protect the user. For daily use, a basic weekly cleaning of the robotic lawnmower is recommended, depending on the weather and the intensity of the mowing operations.This text is machine translated.

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