Bosch Bosch AdvancedRotak 36-750 44cm Cordless Lawnmower (Bare Unit)


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Highly comfortable, back-friendly mowing with reduced noise and excellent results This cordless lawnmower offers exceptional results for convenient and very quiet mowing. The ProSilence feature reduces the sound emitted by up to 30% and also filters out unpleasant noise through its acoustically enhanced design features. The AdvancedRotak height adjustment has one simple button to choose one of seven cutting levels, ranging from 25 mm to 80 mm, to start mowing straight away. Apart from mowing, the LeafCollect blade can also be used to gather, shred, and distribute leaves into the grass bag for simple collection and disposal. For impressively quiet mowing – convenient features and excellent results ProSilence reduces sounds by up to 30% and provides more comfortable acoustics Height can be adjusted in seven stages, from 25 mm to 80 mm, with one simple button LeafCollect blade cuts grass perfectly or collects leaves for easy disposal Relaxed mowing due to height-adjustable ErgoSlide handles A better posture for improved comfort The ergonomically shaped telescopic ErgoSlide Handles can be adjusted easily to the user’s height. Multiple adjustment points provide a healthy posture and a comfortable working position regardless of the person’s size. Unbelievably pleasant and quieter sound ProSilence reduces sounds by up to 30% and provides more comfortable acoustics Easy and intuitive with just one click The new and extremely intuitive height adjustment feature allows the selection of the perfect mowing height with just one click. It provides seven cutting levels ranging from 25 mm to 80 mm high. Faster and better results along edges GrassCombs reduce finishing time by ensuring clean cutting along edges and next to walls. Leaf collection and mowing in one The LeafCollect Blade collects and shreds leaves into the grass bag for simple disposal, while grass combs ensure a clean finish even close to edges. Large capacity, easy storage The Grass Box´s outstanding capacity notably decreases the frequency of emptying. It is foldable for easy setup and fold-flat storage.

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