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Robotic lawnmower for those smaller gardens up to 700 m² LogiCut enables Indego to cut efficiently in neat, parallel lines freeing up your lawn sooner whilst keeping it looking healthy and beautiful. LogiCut defines a different mowing direction for each mowing session in order to avoid leaving permanent tracks on your lawn. Indego is intelligent. It knows where it has been and where it has to go. Indego is up to 40% faster than random navigation*, saving more energy in every run and being kinder to the battery. Its brushless motors contribute to a longer lifetime for the product. Indego M 700 use a standard 18V battery, which is self-serviceable. Indego starts every full lawn mowing session with a BorderCut, ensuring a neat finish. Turn it off or change the frequency easily. “AUTO Calendar Function”. No manual programming is necessary. Because Indego has a map of your lawn it will know where the narrow passage is placed. Keep your Indego M 700 up to date with the latest features and firmware. *Dependent upon model. Based on tests conducted under the Bosch lawnmower simulation tool using EGMF performance standards for a 496m² lawn.

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