Einhell AGILLO Li Solo 18V Cordless Lawnmower Kit (1 x 18v battery required)



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The Einhell AGILLO 18/200 cordless scythe offers all the advantages of the clever Power X-Change series with the high-quality lithium-ion battery system. The cordless scythe is powered by a front motor which ensures optimum power transmission and weight distribution. The robust line spool with bump feed system is suitable for dense growth and tall grass and there is a high-quality 3-tooth blade for tackling undergrowth and scrub. The spindle lock system makes it easy to change the cutter set. The AGILLO delivers a maximum speed of 7 200 revolutions per minute and electronic speed control keeps the power in check for adjustment to each specific application. The two-hand bike handle is universally adjustable. For optimum handling there is a high-quality high-comfort harness for ergonomic operation there is a soft grip and for tireless operation a lightweight aluminium tubular long handle. The split shaft makes it easy to transport and stow away in minimum space. There is also an integrated wall holder for easy and secure storage. One 18V Power X-Change rechargeable battery is required for operation. This is available separately for example as a practical starter set.

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