Einhell Power X-Change Einhell Power X-Change 18V FREELEXO 300 Solo Robotic Lawnmower (Bare Unit)


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A “self-operating” unit for all purposes: The Robot Lawn Mower FREELEXO 300 Solo looks after green spaces up to 300m² in size virtually by itself. The practical and autonomous helper is part of the high-performance Power X-Change family, which provides limitless flexibility within the system family. Your FREELEXO works autonomously and never tires of cutting your grass and caring for your lawn areas. Mowing times can be programmed in 8 stages and controlled via the intuitive keypad, which can also be used to run a separate program for mowing additional areas that are not part of the main lawn. A PIN code is used to protect your robot lawn mower against theft. Numerous safety sensors such as impact, tilt and lift sensors ensure safety at all times. In the event of rain, the integrated rain sensor automatically sends FREELEXO back to the charging station. When the battery power starts to get low, the lawn mower also returns automatically to the charging station to charge. Bare Unit – Use with your existing Einhell Power X-Change batteries and charger. Click to see the whole Einhell Power X-Change range.

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