Einhell Power X-Change Einhell Power X-Change 18V FREELEXO 400BT Robotic Lawnmower with 2.0Ah Battery


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The Einhell FREELEXO 400 BT is controlled via app and linked by Bluetooth where the settings of the robot lawnmower can be set to individual requirements. Using the application the operating time of the Einhell FREELEXO can be precisely programmed for each specific day. It automatically returns to and gets charged up by the charging unit when the battery power level begins to get low. Using the multi-zone mowing mode, this robot lawnmower is even suitable for complex, irregularly shaped gardens. The safety sensor system has impact, tilt and lift sensors so that the robot lawnmower detects obstacles itself. In the event of rain, the integrated rain sensor automatically sends your 400BT back to the charging station. For convenient transportation there is a carry handle, plus the FREELEXO 400 BT includes everything needed for installation and operation of an Einhell robotic lawnmower. Click to see the whole Einhell Power X-Change range.

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