Efco 40 Volt Efco LRI 44P 41cm Lawnmower 40V (Bare Unit)


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With the LRi 44, mowing duties benefit from ease of use, reduced noise levels and the complete elimination of exhaust gas. The need to empty the fuel tank to prepare for winter storage, replace the spark plug, clean the air filter, and the possible deterioration of stored fuel-oil mixture are nothing more than a distant memory with a modern battery-powered motor, with all the power needed to ensure high performance levels. The LRi 44 is equipped with a double battery housing, making it possible to extend running time with up to two 5 Ah batteries to tackle larger mowing surface areas. The LRi 44 feature a steel deck, with centralised cutting height adjustment, generously sized grass catcher.

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Efco 40 Volt


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