GARDENA PowerMax 32/36V P4A solo Rechargeable battery Lawn mower w/o battery, + cutting height adjustment, + scarifier 18 V Cutting width 32 cm



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The versatile and powerful Gardena PowerMax™ 32/36V P4A battery-operated lawn mower is ideally suited for the care of smaller areas. The ERGOTEC hand grip, with bow switches on both sides, is comfortable and makes it particularly easy to slide the mower. The cutting height can be easily adjusted in 10 steps thanks to QuickFit. Grass combs on the housing facilitate mowing along walls and side stones. Thanks to the CNC system, the lawnmower leaves convincing results. Improved air circulation and the optimal position of the grass catcher ensure clean, efficient cutting and catching. The foldable folding rods simplify the transport and the space-saving storage. The power supplies an 18 V power for all alliance system battery, based on Bosch technology. This fits in a variety of other garden tools from Gardena, but can also be used across brands with numerous other products from Allianz around the entire home. Battery and battery charger not included in the delivery.This text is machine translated.

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