ION Tough Sounds 2 Isolation Headphones



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ION Tough Sounds is the ultimate solution for labour workers allowing you to protect your hearing while listening to the music radio and podcasts you love. Groundwork construction and house chores can be extremely noisy and this can take its toll on your hearing. Tough Sounds 2 lets you enjoy your favourite music whilst protecting your hearing in even the noisiest environments. Whether youre using heavy industrial machinery or at-home equipment such as lawnmowers or wood chippers the -27dB noise reduction circuit will allow you to get your work done uninterrupted without the fear of hearing loss or headaches. Featuring a host of connectivity options to listen to your favourite music Tough Sounds 2 lets you connect all of your devices via Bluetooth wireless streaming or a 3.5mm minijack connection. Additionally featuring a unique integrated AM/FM radio you can enjoy your favourite broadcasts wirelessly on the go. Tuning into your favourite radio stations is easy using the onboard controls you can navigate through one of the 20 built-in preset stations or search to find your favourite DJ and get back to what you love doing. Designed with an integrated antenna no awkward cables or receivers are sticking out ensuring a sleek and contemporary look. Lightweight comfortable to wear and extremely robust the Tough Sounds 2 blends functionality with style. The integrated Bluetooth receiver lets you stream your favourite podcasts or music from any Bluetooth enabled device for up to 20+ hours of playback time thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery. Dont miss another incoming call with the built-in microphone saving your scrambling for your phone.

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