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The ROB S series are the most advanced robotic mowers that McCulloch have ever produced. This S600 model has a simple set up wizard, intuitive keypad and flexible charge station position meaning that it is effortlessly easy for you to install and program. The S600 is perfect for those bigger gardens as it comes with a maximum working area of 600m². There is no need to worry about sloped gardens, the ROB S600 easily tackles inclines of up to 35% and with its random mowing pattern, your entire garden is guaranteed an even cut. The ROB S600’s Guide Wire Technology guarantees that more even finish on your lawn, improving navigation around complex terrains and helping the ROB find its way home without leaving unwanted tracks. The mower will automatically navigate your garden, mulching the grass into fine clippings that fertilise the lawn, removing the laborious task of empty the grass box! When the battery is low, the ROB S600 will intelligently and automatically find its way back to the docking station to recharge. Also, the flexible charging station position allows you to place the charging station almost anywhere you like around the edge of your lawn. This mower comes with Bluetooth connectivity and the dedicated ROB app means it is even easier to programme and control your S600.

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