Webb Supreme RR17LIP 17″ Push ABS Deck Cordless Roller Rotary Lawnmower



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Experience clean, green cordless power and enjoy genuine petrol-equivalent performance with the eco-friendly and unique WERR17LIP roller-mower from top UK brand Webb!
Delivering the power is a cutting-edge 40v lithium-ion battery-pack that won’t self-discharge when not in use; and which offer the sort of run- and charge-times that are impossible to achieve with less advanced lead-acid and ni-cad units (a charge of only 120 minutes gives a lengthy 35 minutes of mowing-time).
The only cordless roller-mower in production, the Webb WERR17LIP 40v Cordless Lawnmower will prove a fantastic buy if you like the look of a traditional striped finish.
It benefits from a folding handlebar that means you’ll have no trouble finding a spot for it in the shed or garage; and it comes with a safety key that optimises safety by preventing accidental start-up.
Highly versatile, the UK-designed Webb WERR17LIP 40v Cordless Rear-Roller Lawnmower combines a seven-stage height-of-

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