34689 Industrial Lubricant with PTFE. 200ml TFL200



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Tri-Flow provides preventative maintenance and problem solving solutions for the most demanding applications. Its unique formula also contains P.T.F.E. to maximise load bearing, reduce friction and wear and resist corrosive build up. – Virtually eliminates friction and wear, even under the most extreme pressure and abrasive conditions. – Displaces and prevents the build-up of dirt and dust. – Repels moisture, preventing the formulation of ice, rust and other corrosives. – Effective at -53° C to +246° C. Protects, lubricates and penetrates. Suitable for use on:- Folding Arms Hinges Pulleys Guide Rails Gears Agricultural Machinery Water Pumps Lawnmowers Soil Working Tools Tracks Pneumatic Components (cylinders, valves, etc…) Roller Tables Winches Cement Mixers Lifting Arms Chains Cables Locks Tool Protection Bearings Runners Scaffolding Earth-Moving Equipment Pneumatic Drills Conveyor Belts Revolving Supports Drills Valves Size: 200ml. TFL200

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