Flymo HOVERAC HV3000 30cm (12”) Metal Blade



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A NEW, sharp, blade will improve the look of the grass, and save wear on the lawnmower. Metal blades should be checked regularly for signs of wear, damage, and balance. A blunt blade will harm the grass – an out of balance blade will harm the lawnmower so ensure great cutting performance from your lawnmower with this replacement metal blade. Prior to ordering, please check the model fit list to ensure that this is the correct part for you. Specification: Type: FL043 Length 30 cm Compatible with the following models: Flymo 301 (9633030-62) 370 E30 (9632801-22) E30 TWIN E300 (9633080-01) Hover Stripe RXE300 (9633052-01) Hover Stripe Twin RXE250 (9632541-25) HOVERAC HV3000 HOVERVAC 3000 Hovervac H3000 (9633071-01) MICRO COMPACT 30 (9633090-01) MINIMO E30 Turbo Compact 300 (9633073-86) Venturer 370 Venturer 370 (9647221-01) XE30-11A (9633023-01) XE300 (9633027-01) XE301 (9633023-01)

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