Flymo Micro Lite 28 (9632802-01 2001) Plastic Blades (Pack Of 6)



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If your lawnmower is not cutting as it should and you notice that the blades are blunt, then this pack of replacement blades will ensure great cutting performance from your Flymo. Specification: Type: FLY014 Quantity x6 PLEASE NOTE : Ensure you search using your product code (begins with a 9 and is 9 digits long) as this part only fits certain versions. Compatible with the following models: Flymo 28 E280 Hover Vac Dual Hovervac Dual (9632573-01) Hovervac HV2800 (9632574-01) Micro Lite Micro Lite (9632801-01) Micro Lite 28 (9632802-01 2001) Microlite E280 (9632802-01 1999-2000) Minimo Minimo (9632506-25) Mow & Vac HV280 (9632571-01) Mow n Vac 28 Mow N Vac 28 (966671201)

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