Briggs & Stratton Air Filter Element 450E, 500E, 550E Series 798452


Briggs & Stratton Genuine Air Filter Element 450E, 500E, 550E 575EX Series 798452Replaced by 593260 (BP593260/BS593260)A pleated-paper filter that provides the first line of defence against the de…

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Briggs & Stratton Genuine Air Filter Element 450E, 500E, 550E 575EX Series 798452Replaced by 593260 (BP593260/BS593260)A pleated-paper filter that provides the first line of defence against the destructive effects of dirt ingestion.For use with 450E, 500E, 550E, 575EX, 650EXi, 675EXi, 575iS, 675iS, 725 Series Engines.Suitable for the following models;n450E Series;Atco; Quattro 15 297411027/AT7Quattro 15S 297412027/AT7Liner 16 299434027/AT4Liner 16S 299439027/AT4Cobra; M40SPBRM40SPBHayter; Osprey 610ASpirit 41 616JSpirit 41 617JSpirit 41 619JMTD; 46B46BSMcCulloch; M40-125M46-125M46-125WRStiga; Collector 48B 295485128/S14Collector 48SB 295486128/S14Multiclip 47QB 298471828/S15Multiclip 47SQB 298472828/S15 Multimower 48S 295486148/S16SRC550 RB 212501022/14Webb; Supreme WER16HPSupreme WER16SPSupreme WER18HPSupreme WER18SPElite WE42SPn500E Series;nAtco; Quattro 16 295441027/AT4Quattro 16S 295442027/AT4Cobra; M46SPBMM51BRM40SPBT40BMasport; 350STMulcher 18″Snapper; NX-40NX-50Toro; 20943Webb; Supreme R18HWElite RR16n550E Series;nAL-KO; Highline 473SP AK119464Gardenline; GL46 119919Stiga; Combi 48B 295485028/S14Combi 48SB 295486028/S14Webb; Elite R46SPHW575EX Series;AL-KO; Highline 46.7 SP AK119809Cobra; RM46SPBRHayter; Harrier 41 374ASnapper; NX-60650EXi Series;AL-KO; Highline 477 VS 4In1 AK119768Highline 51.7 SP 4In1 AK119813Hayter; Harrier 48 Autodrive BBC 493JHarrier 48 Autodrive Variable Speed 490JHarrier 48 475A675EXi Series;AL-KO; Highline 527 VS 4in1 AK119815Atco; Liner 19S V 294519027/AT6Quattro 22S 4in1 294556827/AT6Quattro 22S V 4in1 294563827/AT7DR; TR4 Premier 675 DRMP60Hayter; Harrier 41 Autodrive VS ES 376ALawnflite; Optima 53SPBHWMasport; 500AL 18″575AL SP Combo 18″ 482949800 AL Combo 464794Contractor 625AL REDRotarola RRSP-22Rotarola 18″ SP Rear Roller RR18SPWidecut 800 AL Push Combo 464793McCulloch; M53-150 4x4Stiga;Combi 53SQ B 299536828/S16Combi 55SQB 294556828/S17Combi 55SVQ B 294557828/S17Turbo 48SB 299486028/S16Twinclip 55SB 294562028/ST1Twinclip 55SQB 294562828/ST1Toro; 2079220955209582096020965575iS Series;Cobra; RM433SPBIHayter; Harrier 41 376BStiga;Combi 48SE B 295486528/STXMulticlip 47SEQ B 298472528/ST1675iS Series;AL-KO; Highline 476 SPI AK119737Highline 526 VSI ES AK119738Atco; Liner 18SE 299489527/AT6Liner 19SE V 294519527/AT6Quattro 19SE 4in1 294502527/AT6Cobra; MX515SPBIHayter; Harrier 41 Autodrive VS ES 376AHarrier 48 AD ES 491JHarrier 48 476AMountfield;S461RPD/ES 299489023/M18SP533IS 295546528/MCStiga;Combi 48SEQB 299486628/S16Combi 50SEQB 294502528/ST1 294502528/S17Combi 50SVEQ B 294503528/S17Combi 55SVEQ B 294557528/ST1Turbo 48SEB 299486528/S16Turbo 48SEVQ B 299487528/S16Twinclip 50SVER B 294519528/ST1Twinclip 55SVEQ B 294563528/S17Twinclip 50SEQB 294512528/S17725 Series,Toro; 209612096020956nIf you are unsure whether this is the correct part for your machine, please fill out our parts enquiry form here. We will then respond to confirm whether or not it is the correct part for your machine.

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