Mountfield and Stiga Roll Pin p/n 112645710/0


Genuine Mountfield / Stiga Roll Pin 112645710/0 Suitable for the following models; Mountfield4140H (WM14 OHV) 13-6002-81 4155H (B&S 15.5 AVS) 13-6003-81 HB41 297431243/BA 297431043/BAHB41R 12-2534…

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Genuine Mountfield / Stiga Roll Pin 112645710/0nSuitable for the following models;nMountfield4140H (WM14 OHV) 13-6002-81n4155H (B&S 15.5 AVS) 13-6003-81nHB41 297431243/BA 297431043/BAHB41R 12-2534-53HBS45 292470023/BAHL454HP 299164643/BQHL454SP 299264643/BQHP454 (V35 150cc) 299174643/BQPWR 400 PRMA 24-3181-99SP454 (V35 150cc) 299274643/BQStiganCollector; 43 12-2134-13, 12-2134-63n43 12-2134-14n43S 12-2334-12n45 12-1134-21n46 24-3734-43, 24-3734-64n46 Combi 24-3734-44n46 Combi B 24-3781-84n46B 24-3781-43n46S 24-3834-23n46S Combi 24-3834-13n46S B 24-3881-23n46S Combi 24-3834-24n46S Ethanol Combi 24-3835-14n46S H 24-3803-33n50S 12-5234-34n50S B 12-5286-34n55S 12-9234-72nCombi; 50S 12-5281-34n55S 12-9286-72nDino; 47 Euro 11-1134-31, 11-1134-32CastlegardenClub 46S 23-1634-82MacAllisterMC484HP 299184649/BQ, 299284649/BQMC484SP 299284649/BQnIf you are unsure whether this is the correct part for your machine, please fill out our online parts enquiry form here.The technical department will then respond to confirm whether or not it is the correct part for your machine.

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